Publications, Talks and Conferences


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Invited Talks

‘Educating the Mozart children in London’, Education in the Long Eighteenth Century Seminar, Institute of Historical Research (forthcoming, 6th May, 2017).

‘The Mozart family in London and their visit to the British Museum’, public lecture at the British Museum (18th November 2016).


‘Exploring the Mozart family’s musical networks: London 1764-65’, UNC-CH/KCL Joint Graduate Music Student Conference, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (August 2016).

‘Leopold Mozart’s engagement with science, technology and engineering: London 1764-65’, 46th Annual Conference of the British Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies, St. Hugh’s College Oxford (January 2016).

‘The Mozarts and the City of London: a revised context for the Swan and Hoop Tavern appearances’, 31st Annual Conference on Music in Eighteenth-Century Britain, Foundling Museum, London (November 2015).

‘Giovanni Battista Cirri in London’, Giovanni Battista Cirri Congress, University of Bologna at Forlí (October 2015).

‘Musical Relationships on Canvas: Thomas Gainsborough and his musical friends’, Sight and Sound: UNC-CH/KCL Joint Graduate Music Student Conference, King’s College London (May 2015).